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Hue of Mental health offers a 8-week premarital program offer invaluable benefits to couples preparing to embark on the journey of marriage. This program provides couples with essential communication tools and conflict resolution skills. By learning effective ways to communicate and manage conflicts early on, couples are better equipped to navigate the challenges that inevitably arise in any relationship. This lays a strong foundation for a healthy and resilient marriage, fostering understanding and cooperation between partners.

Our 8-week course helps couples explore and understand each other's values, expectations, and goals for the future. Through facilitated discussions and exercises, couples can uncover potential areas of disagreement or misunderstanding and work together to find common ground. This proactive approach to addressing potential conflicts can prevent misunderstandings from escalating into larger issues down the road, promoting greater harmony and unity within the relationship.

Our premarital program offers couples the opportunity to explore various aspects of married life, including financial management, parenting styles, and intimacy. By discussing these topics in a structured and supportive environment, couples can develop realistic expectations and plans for the future, reducing the likelihood of disagreements or surprises after marriage.

This program is for engaged couples and newly married couples (2 years or less). It is our recommendation that couples participate in premarital counseling at least 6 months before your wedding date.

Below are requirements for participating in the program:

    • Commitment to each weekly sessions
    • Complete online assessment prior to first session
    • Both parties are required to attend each session together (doesn’t have to be in the physical same location)


Reach out to us and we will provide you with information about signing up for the program at Call 909 978-7301. 

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